Fender Audio


A Proven Sonic Legacy, Built In.

For nearly 75 years Fender® has been the leader in guitars globally. This legacy of innovation derived from the pursuit of unparalleled sonic performance and craftsmanship has generated decades of ground breaking technology and products that have changed the world of music forever. Now with our FENDER AUDIO™ line of products we aim to deliver the best sound that only Fender® knows, directly to your ears. We have developed a family of products that continue the legacy of sonic performance and innovation. From true wireless earphones, in-ear monitors and Bluetooth smart speakers our goal is to share our passion for music with more people.

Crafted with Passion

Our audio products are created with the same level of passion and innovation as our signature guitars. We work with music engineers and acoustic designers to ensure quality, sonic performance, and value. We designed them for the love of music.

Fender® Signature Sound

Our team of audio engineers and designers developed a truly unique Fender® house sound. We want to make sure that whatever genre you listen to, it sounds big, dynamic, and you can feel the energy the artist put into the recording.

Designed for You

We have taken thousands of ear scans, and use cases to design and develop our audio products. We use cutting edge technologies like 3D printing, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and hardware tuning to get the perfect sound.

Fender® TOUR True Wireless

Packed with features that are ready to rock!

Touch Control

Control volume, skip, pause, play and enable voice command all with a simple tap of your finger.

Clear Speech Mic

The Tour utilizes a dual microphone system that significantly improves speech quality and intelligibility.

Fender Audio Engine™

A proprietary 7mm full range dynamic driver, super-charged by a custom tuned audio DSP engine.

App-Powered Control

Fine-tune your sound to your liking with our dedicated app and smart tuning system.

USB-C Quick Charge

Features a quick charge battery, with 10 minutes for 1.5 hour playback, or 1.5 hours for full charge.

Ambient Noise Blocking

Blocks out up 22dB of ambient noise for pristine, distraction-free listening at safe volumes.


Classic Design

Inspired by Fender’s ‘68 Custom Amplifier

Superior Sound

30W Tri-driver System, 1 Woofer / 2 Tweeters


USB Charging Port for external devices


33 Foot+ Range

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